"We used Oh So Vivant for our Wedding, and it was the best thing we spent our money on hands down!" -Chrissie

We’ve built our services around quality and attention to detail. We want you to have more than just a photo booth but an amazing experience that suits your event and fantastic images you’ll adore for generations.

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Check out our backdrops, props and foregrounds to find your unique combination!

Check out our backdrops!

Hand painted, totally one-of-a-kind backdrops you won’t find anywhere else!

Can’t Decide Which Booth Is Right For You?

We’ll walk you through the specifics of each type of booth.

Oh So Pro

Oh So Pro is for people with a keen eye for the finer things in life. We use super high end equipment that creates beautiful, flawless pictures. The booth feels less like a booth and more like a professional photo studio. Each guest gets a micro photo session! Our skilled photographers will coach you through poses that make you look great, and make sure you are centered and visible to the camera. They can edit and scrap photos on the spot so you can get your perfect photo!

Oh So Pro is also better for older crowds.  The large monitor makes it super easy to view the photos. The printer is table height, so no one will have to bend down to the ground to receive their photos. We also take care of all of the social uploading, so its painless for those not so tech-savvy.

All photos below by Virginia Harold. Check out her beautiful work here.

Oh So Mod

Oh So Mod is perfect for tech savvy party goers who love the idea of GIFs, email and Facebook integration. This is a more hands on booth. You get to use the touch screen and plug in your email to get your GIFs and photos sent directly to you.

Oh So Mod also has the smallest footprint of our booths. If you have space restrictions, this is the booth for you!

We do not recommend this booth for large parties (+300 people). We can control the line speed much more efficiently with our Oh So Pro booth.