We’re dedicated to protecting our planet

help us keep paint out of the landfills

We try to use as much recycled paint as possible in the creation of our backdrops, foregrounds and props. It is estimated that Americans discard as much as 69 million gallons of paint each year!! Do you have extra unused paint sitting around in your basement or garage? We will happily take it off your hands. Just shoot us an email and we’ll swing by to collect it. We can only use Latex and acrylic paints.

Recycling Paint
Photo By Virginia Harold Photography
Photo By Virginia Harold Photography

You know those protective photo sleeves? They’re compostable.

We make sure to provide compostable sleeves that disintegrate with time. It makes us so sad to think of all the non-compostable sleeves never get to see heaven’s pearly gates. :'(

We Source Local

We try to shop local as much as we can. Supporting St Louis Businesses helps keep our community strong.


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