Oh So Curious

Where can I find the photos from an event I attended?

Some events opt in to have a live facebook upload. You can check our Facebook page. There will be an album of the event, just scroll through and tag yourself! You can also shoot us an email and we’ll send you a gallery.

Should I customize my booth?

We can customize your photo booth experience as much as you would like. You can customize by mixing and matching Backdrops, Foregrounds and Props already in our collection or have us make something that’s completely new and made fresh for your event.

What booth is right for me?

It can be hard to decide between Oh So Mod and Oh So Pro. Check out our comparison of the two on our Pricing page to help you make your decision. They are both great options but they each come with their own benefits. We are always happy to help, call us or email. We can walk you through your options!

Will you make me props, signs, or backdrops without me getting a photo booth?

 Yes! Contact us for a la carte prop pricing. We also make head-in-a-holes and we do some pretty fun event decorating.

What does oh so vivant need from me and the event space?

We need approximately a 10’x10′ space and 1 outlet. We’d love to have access to an elevator or ramp on the day of the event so we can easily load and unload with our handy dandy cart. Stairs are do-able if that’s all you’ve got (but please remember, we’ve got some heavy stuff!).  If we are working outside, we need a hard, dry surface to set up on, a 10’x10′ tent or a covered pavilion.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit to hold your date and begin working on your set. This is 50% of your total invoice and is applicable to your bill.

Are there any discounts available?

Due to the nature and size of our business we are unable to give direct discounts to organizations. We encourage organizations like yours to ask their corporate partners to FUNd the photo booth experience. This works really well for our particular service because we have the ability to print the sponsors logo on every picture, which is great advertising for them! The guests will have their fun photos to hang on their refrigerators or put in frames (they’re that good) and they will be reminded of who helped them have that fun time!

Are there any extra fees I should know about?

Pop up tents, extra hours of time, mileage outside St. Louis City limits are all available at an extra cost. Please let us know about any particulars about the event so we can best serve you.

Does Oh So Vivant travel?

Absolutely. We love to travel and we know you can’t find a cool company like us just anywhere.  We have traveled to Colorado, Iowa, Kansas and all the corners of Missouri. We charge $1/mile for traveling outside of the St. Louis City Limits.

Can I make my own backdrop?

Yes! Of course! There are certain materials and dimensions that work better than others. Let us know if you’ll be making your own backdrop, and we’ll send you a DIY guideline.

Email us at hello@ohsovivant.com for any other questions you may have!