Selfie Stations

Selfie Stations

Not every party is well suited for a full photo booth, but most parties are prime for photo ops! Rent one of our beautiful backdrops from the Oh So Vivant Collection for your next party. Stand in front and take a selfie with your buds, or get a friend to snap one for you. There you have it! Your very own selfie station!


Each rental item is a la cart.

You decide if you want lighting, a foreground, a specialty backdrop, props, Polaroid or prop table. You only pay for what you want!

Prices range from $2-$360 depending on how fancy you want to get!


Delivery and set up is included with $100+ rentals!

We’ll arrive and set up your selfie station so you don’t have to worry about it.

Rental Prices

  • Backdrop : $100
  • Foreground: $50
  • 4′ table with black linens : $20
  • Props : $2/per
  • Instamax Mini 9 Polaroid: $20
  • Light kit: $100
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iPhone GIF